When you execute a move, moving into your new residence can be just as stressful and time-consuming as it was to pack all of your items to prepare for the move. With these clever strategies from this residential moving company, however, you can move into your new place faster, safer, and easier.

Move In Using Labels

Labeling your boxes is a quick and easy way to expedite your move-in process. When you label your boxes, you make it easier for you or your movers to delegate to which area of the house the boxes should be placed.

Boxes are not translucent, so figuring out which items are in each box will be an impossible task without labels. Labels are easy to add to your boxes. You can use a permanent marker to write on the box, or an adhesive label can be added to the box.

An adhesive label is also beneficial because you can remove it after the move is over, allowing you to reuse your boxes without the confusion of labels made from previous moves.


Create Room For Heavy Furniture

Houses and apartments often have strange floor designs. These floor designs can prove to be a hindrance when it comes time to move in your large and clumsy furniture. Items like sectional sofas, china cabinets, recliners, and dining room tables are difficult to maneuver through the front doors of your new place of residence.

Since you may need a team of people to move the furniture in and angle it in such a way to get it through the doorway, it’s a wise idea to keep the area around the front door clear of obstructions. Move your smaller items, such as boxes, further into the home and away from the front door. This will allow you and your moving helpers to fit heavy and oddly-shaped furniture through the doorways without added complications.

Utilize the Tools of the Trade

Moving in heavy items using only the lifting power of you and your moving partners will not only slow the moving process down, but it will also put the physical health of you and your moving partners at great risk for injuries and accidents.

To make moving into your new residence faster and safer, you should consider utilizing the tools of the moving trade. A hand truck, or dolly, will assist you in moving heavy appliances and other pieces of furniture that will comfortably fit on a hand truck. A platform truck is simply a dolly that is on four wheels and has a long, wide platform on which to place piles of heavy boxes, heavy chairs, and other large items for quick and easy moving.

When you place your items on these hand trucks, be sure to use the attached straps to secure your items to the trucks to prevent damages due to falling.


Install Temporary Ramps

When you want to move in quickly, stairs can be frustrating to navigate. This is especially true when you’re carrying heavy or clumsy items. Moving companies in Quincy, MA recommend taking a piece of durable plywood and rest the top of it on the front porch and place the bottom of the board on the ground. This will create a ramp that will allow you to move in your items quicker by giving you the option of bypassing the stairs completely.

Depending on how heavy the items are that you’re moving, two sheets of plywood may be necessary to support the excess weight.

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