BW Cambridge Real Estate desires to be your one-stop-shop for everything that is related to Boston real estate and the surrounding Massachusetts area. Wehave knowledgeable professionals that know how to help you get the most for your real estate if you are selling and how to help you get a good deal if you are buying.

Here are some more areas where the professionals at BW Cambridge Real Estate stand out:


BW Cambridge Real Estate has professionals that understand all of the ins and outs of Boston real estate. This is because we are experienced realtors. We know all of the idiosyncrasies that can cause an increase in price in a real estate market and know what can cause a drop as well. We are available to answer all of your questions if you are a newcomer to the Boston real estate market.


The real estate agents associated with BW Cambridge will always strive to treat all of their clients with respect, whether they are selling a house for you in the Boston area or helping you purchase a house in the area. We might be the newer kids on the block, but we hold themselves to a higher standard than other real estate agents in the area who only want to make a quick sale.


The Cambridge real estate professionals at BW Cambridge know that residential real estate in Boston can be a tricky animal. However, we realize what works and what doesn’t. For example, we can advise on the best way to get into a certain neighborhood, and we give you tips on how to determine what kind of residential real estate you can afford based on your budget. Our team also knows the types of deals available for first-time home buyers and can advise you on what contingencies (i.e., home inspections) that a home buyer can afford to waive and which ones they should keep.

Treating You Like Family

Our team of professionals at BW Cambridge will treat you like we would treat you like family. We will advise you on the right timing to purchase a home, and we can alert you to the best times of the year when home prices are a bit lower than normal. In Boston, this is usually during the fall, but our realtors will be happy to recommend different options based on your unique situation.

Are You Looking To Buy A New Home?

If you are relocating to the Boston area and are looking to purchase a new home, give BW Cambridge Real Estate a call today. We are the home buying and selling professionals!